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Zipper T-Shirt

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Modern crew solid colour t-shirt featuring a zipper on the side to create a playful multiple purpose style. Dress it Up or Down for the office, date night or at the Gym

Slim fit curved hemline so it will sit perfectly in the front and the back without getting wedged up. Zipper on the side with a lightweight fabric that compliments all body shapes

Fabric details
95% Cotton comfortable soft & breathable 
 5% Spandex comfortable stretch & fit

Colour available 

Size available 

Care recommended
Machine wash
No bleach 
No dry clean
No tumble dry
Size XL         
Shoulder       18” across/Neck               8” across/Sleeves           9” length- 14” wide/Chest            23” across/Length          28"/Waist             22” across/Zipper    5"
Size L             
Shoulder  16” across/Neck.        12” across/Sleeves      9” length - 14” wide/Chest   21”/across/Length      28”/Waist         21" across/Zipper        5”

Size M.           
Shoulder  14”      across/Neck         10”      across/Sleeves     8”       length - 12” wide/Chest       18”        across/Length      27”/Waist         18”       across/Zipper         5”
Size S             
Shoulder        12” across/Neck               7”  across/Sleeves           8” length -11” wide/Chest.            17” across/Waist              17” across/Zipper.             5”

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