Black Breathable Mesh Boxers


Black Breathable Mesh Boxers

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Mid-Rise Boxer Style designed with 1.5” Non wrinkle waistband
80% Cotton 20% Spandex
Color choice White, Navy Blue or Black
Size: S 28-30 
M 30-32 
L 32-34 
XL 34-36


ABOUT OUR PADS (sold separately "BUY HERE")

Our Buttbooster pads are flexible and, durable, our silicone pads feel real to the touch and are interchangeable between underwears. So even if you are grabbed or if someone slaps your booty, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Removable realistic silicone
One size and shape fits all
Color Neutral Tone
Easy to care for


Got the new pads in and they are great. I put them in and went to my son's football game and sat on those cold metal bleachers for 3 hours and never felt uncomfortable. They work amezing. I'm so glad I found your website. so for me its mostly about comfort and they great for that however I a,m starting to like how they look too so I may not stop ordering the pads until get the kin k look.
Thankyou Guys

Thank you so much for the quik delivery and mostly, the incredible product!!! I'm not only a happy customer but a returning one.

Thanks Again,

Todd Johnson

Hi How much or how thick are the pads. i am 54 and i have no but. my body looks just like conan. O'Brain from the tonight show. i am his twin. since i have no butt even though i work it out i can't wear something that looks like a football players butt. any suggestions of additional info would be great tomers.

In any case i want to thank you from the bottom of my hart. i just got them 10 minutes ago and already tried all three on. They are amazing and very flattering quite genius, in fact!

I received my Box briefs with pads today which  i ordered form but booster.I just had to let you Know that your products is even better then i hope. This is God send for me. I have  been wearing my shirt untrucked from a very long time to hide  My Flat rear end . this product make me look like my old self again and my confidence is already "boosted" by 100%. you are the Best!! if i could add anything to your product line it would be a longer form fitting silicon pad that would allow me to sit without the pain from having my natural cushioning.

Thank You Buttbooster from you new sarisfied customer

 I've Ordered each of these products from Amazon, and plan on ordering more. Absolutely amazing products, thanks for creating this for men. i'm intrested when new products come out .Thanks!!