About Us


ButtBooster for an amazing booty INSTANTLY!
No more endless hours in the gym.
No more painful squats.
No expensive plastic surgery.
Just an instantly perky butt.

We all want to look and feel good in our clothes and there is nothing like ButtBooster to boost your confidence and appearance!
Been wishing for a firm, round, muscular butt?
Well, now there is a perfect solution!
Our ButtBooster underwear and ButtBooster silicone pads were designed with you in mind to help you look and feel amazing in your favorite jeans, slacks and sweats.

ButtBooster is a male figure enhancing product that consists of uniquely designed underwear and removable life-like silicone pads that give the appearance of a fuller perkier derriere. Each piece is carefully designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials. When worn, they are completely invisible under your clothing.

What makes our ButtBooster pads unique is their shape. Unlike most similar products that use round foam pads, our pads are made of high quality silicone, uniquely sculpted to follow the contour of a naturally formed buttocks. The silicone pads even feel real to the touch. So even if someone slaps or grabs your booty, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Our exclusive ButtBooster underwear is designed to be worn with or without our ButtBooster silicone pads. If you choose to wear the Buttbooster silicone pads, they can be placed into hidden pockets perfectly shaped to fit the pads, sewn discreetly into the rear interior of the underwear. This design allows for pads to contour seamlessly to your own rear, giving you lift and size. Or if you choose not to wear the pads, our ButtBooster underwear is simply comfortable and sexy.

Our ButtBooster underwear not only gives you fuller buttocks but is also designed to provide lift to your front. Our carefully selected soft and flexible materials provide comfortable support. Wearing our ButtBooster underwear will make you look amazing from every angle.
Explore our styles and colors and sizes to find your perfect match and show off your new amazing look today.